Welcome to Calvary Fellowship Concord


We believe the most effective way of evangelizing an area is to plant Bible teaching churches. The Gospel not only needs to be proclaimed, but it also needs to be demonstrated in real life. The best way is through Christians living out the Gospel together in a local community called the church. It is my hope and prayer that a Bible teaching church can be established in the city of Concord in which the Gospel is presented and the Bible is taught verse by verse giving the whole council of God. Furthermore, that this would continue to be a move of God led by His Holy Spirit in which His Kingdom is furthered and the existing body is build up and edified in their faith to be a light in the community around them.


Who We Are

Calvary Fellowship Concord is a non-denominational Church where believers can be fed the Word of God, enjoy rich fellowship with one another, and reach out into the communtiy together.


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What We Do

Calvary Fellowship Concord is currently meeting on Friday Evenings at 7:00p.m. where we are studying the Gospel of Luke

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What Keeps Us Going

Our love for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Knowing He died for our sins, was buried , three days later rose again, ascended into heaven and is now seated in glory at the right hand of the Father.

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